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Discount stained glass supplies, patterns, glass, cutters, books and more.

Stained Glass Pattern Books

Choosing the right stained glass pattern for your project is important.  It should be an extension of your creative ability.  It also needs to be within your skill level.  Keep in mind that patterns can easily be scanned and modified using any graphics program.  Paint shop, photo shop, etc..

Ultimate Patterns Download – 650 Patterns PLUS Stone-Calc

We have packaged up all of our stained glass, stepping stone, etching, and mosaic patterns into one package.  Best of all they are available as an “Instant Download”.  After you pay you will be given a download link where you will find the zip files that contain the patterns.  Simply download them to your desktop and extract them into folders and start using them.  The files are in a .gif format and can be printed using any graphics program.  You can integrate the patterns into your designs, modify them or resize any pattern to fit a particular project.  With a basic graphics program the possibilities are endless.  For basic editing and resizing you can use Microsoft Paint which is already on your computer.  For more advanced editing you can use Photoshop.

The package price is $24.99 and is available as an instant download. Plus, as a bonus you will also receive our “Stone-Calc” Stepping stone cement calculator (Excel Spreadsheet-picture below).  Also included is our “Stained Glass True Type Font Collection”.  These are letter and number fonts that can be cut in stained glass.  Just copy the font files into your windows font directory and reboot to use them in any wordprocessing or graphics program.

To order our Ultimate Stained Glass Pattern Package PLUS Stone-Calc PLUS our Fonts for $24.99 as an instant download just click  on the button below. If you have any questions you can email me at or call 850-934-3157.

Here are some screen shots of our patterns.

Online Discount Stained Glass Tools and Supplies Store

On this page we have stained glass tools, saws, grinders, running pliers, grozers, glass caddies, flux and soldering irons and even a microwave fusing kiln all available at discount prices.  There is a good selection of brands and prices below.  Also, check our stained glass sheet and cobble store.

Online Discount Stained Glass Sheets and Cobbles Store

Glass Cobbles are great for doing mosaic stepping stones. Also, if you just need a background and don’t want to have to cut the pieces you can use the mosaic glass pieces. A variety of colors are available below. Also, check out discount stained glass supply store as well for great prices on stained glass tools.