Free Lighthouse Stained Glass Stepping Stone Pattern

This Lighthouse stepping stone pattern is designed to fit a round or hexagon stone mold. A green, blue, white or cream background would go well. More background pieces can be added to make it a bit fancier. For example, you could use cream colored cement and then use baby blue glass for the sky. Then green glass for the ocean. That would look stunning. Remember, the more detail the better.

You can click on the image below to make it full size then to save it right click on the image and choose “save image as”. There are several programs that you can use to print or edit the pattern. Also, in the stained glass products box below there is a program called rapid resizer that works well. For cement, you can use our formula to the right called Acrylicrete or purchase diamondcrete from the box below.

Lighthouse Stained Glass Border Stone Pattern – Free

lighthouse stained glass stepping stone pattern