Free Red Rose Border Stained Glass Stepping Stone Pattern

This rose pattern is designed to fit a tree ring or border stone mold. Border stones are made to either circle a tree or plant or to meander along the edge of a garden or flower bed. To make a circle you place them running the same direction until they connect. To use them as a border on a flower bed you alternate the direction of each additional stepping stone. It would take some time to create enough for a long border but the effect would be spectacular. A green, white or cream background would go well. The stem can be cut in multiple pieces to make it easier.   I normally use red stained glass for the rose, dark green for the leaves and a medium green for the stem.  You can also use white or pink glass for the rose.

You can click on the image below to make it full size then to save it right click on the image and choose “save image as”.  There are several programs that you can use to print or edit the pattern.  Also, in the stained glass products box below there is a program called rapid resizer that works well.

Red Rose Stained Glass Border Stone Pattern – Free

red rose stained glass stepping stone pattern