Easter Bunny Rabbit Stained Glass Stepping Stone Pattern – Free

Here is a simple pattern of a bunny or rabbit. You can add mosaic pieces to make a background or modify the pattern to add other elements such as easter eggs, etc… Our rabbit / bunny Stained Glass Pattern can be used for stained glass stepping stones, glass panels, or other projects that require a basic pattern. You can also use our rabbit pattern for other mosaic projects around the house such as garden stones, bird baths, trivets, and other mosaic projects. To see the pattern full size simply click on it. To save the pattern to your desktop you can right click on the image and choose “save image as” then save it to your desktop. The image will need to be re-sized in a graphics program so that it will fit your stepping stone mold. You can also modify the image in other ways while in the graphics program. There are several free stepping stone pattern enlargement programs available. In the Stepping Stone Products bar below we have some patterns, diamondcrete and also a stained glass pattern re-sizer program. The resizing program is very useful and I highly recommend it.

Bunny Rabbit  Stained Glass Stepping Stone Pattern