Flowers Bouquet Stained Glass Garden Stone Pattern Free

This is our free Flower Bouquet stepping stone pattern. It fits the round or octagon stepping stone mold and goes well with any colored cement.  If you used red and green for the flowers and plants you may want to use a creme colored cement. Adding mosaic background pieces can make the stone look more intricate.  There is a lot going on in the pattern and you can simplify it if necessary.  You can purchase diamondcrete in various colors from the link at the bottom of this page or you can click on our garden stone cement formula to the right and make your own colored high strength garden stone cement. The flower bouquet  pattern is a little tedious to cut but looks very nice when complete. To edit the pattern you can bring the image into a graphics program and modify it. You can also do this by resizing the pattern, printing it, and then adding or subtracting lines by hand. The “Rapid Resizer” program in the widget below is great for enlarging patterns. To save the pattern to your desktop just click on it to make it full size and then right click on it and choose save image as.

We hope you enjoy using our pattern.

Flower Bouquet Stained Glass Stepping Stone Pattern